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Allergic Reactions

Allergic Reactions


At some point in every tattooer's career, one may experience a customer coming back with an allergic reaction to the pigment. Not only is this embarrassing for the artist, but it's very uncomfortable for the client. We understand this and are very sensitive to this ongoing issue. Please be aware that under the best of conditions, this can occur at any time, with any color, with any brand of ink. The usual suspects are reds, especially dark reds, and magenta.

Please keep in mind, just because someone has a bad reaction to red, does not automatically mean all the pigments are bad, this just isn't so. It's the tattoo artist's responsibility to ask the client if they have a history of sensitive skin, allergic reaction to cosmetics, or allergic reactions to red tattoo ink or any tattoo inks, period. Every individual's body chemistry is different and may react to foreign substances in different ways. The best we can do on the manufacturer's end is to test the product in our own skin first. We do this at SkinCandy on a regular basis. Every color we make gets tattooed into our skin, then thoroughly healed before it makes the cut. You're in good hands with SkinCandy.

DISCLAIMER: SkinCandy Inc. does not assume any legal liability or responsibility for any allergic skin reactions or illness as the result of being tattooed with SkinCandy inks.