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Dec.1st Winner!!! - Nick/William Tomany:Tennessee

Jan.1st Winner!!! - Brian Robson:Minnesota 


This is how Bloodline's PAYBACK GIVEAWAY works.

At the end of every month we take all the invoices from orders we received, pulled & shipped from that same month in which $20.oo or more was spent on merchandise. Mix them up. Shuffle them a few times. Then a skincandy.net employee will pull one out from the stack.

The person(who's name is on the invoice) picked is the WINNER of that months FREE GOODS !!!!

Winners will be announced on this website and also be notified by e-mail or by telephone. 

The "GOODS" will be shipped to them at no cost.

The items included in the "GOODS" will change from month to month.

The winners "GOODS" will contain an assortment of items that can be found at skincandy.net plus items not listed on our website. 

Below is a list of items that you might typically find in the "GOODS" but , as stated above, they will be changing month to month.

Bloodline Color Sets, Bloodline Graywash Sets, Bloodline Box Set, Skin Candy Box Set, Skin Candy Traditional Sets, single 1oz. bottles of Eternal, Fusion, Intenze, Skin Candy Blacklight Sets, Phantom Gloves, Bloodline 50 box Neeldes, Tubes, Cartridge, Generic expired needles & tubes, Aftercare Items, Cheap Chinese Machines(good for parts or as a paperweight), Bloodline T-Shirts, SK8 CRIME T-Shirts, Books, Posters, Art, CD's, DVD's

***skincandy.net has the right to change or discontinue this promo/offer at anytime. Items included in the "GOODS" package can be changed, replaced or removed from the winners table with no prior notice. There is no set value of the 'GOODS". An estimated value for each winning package is over $250.oo(Yeah!).  If you have questions or suggestions regarding this promo please e-mail bloodlineproink@gmail.com



          ATTENTION WINNERS !!! After receiving your winnings please send us a picture of you and the "GOODS", also enclose a photo of a tattoo in which you are the artist. (Mug shots accepted) Send to: bloodlineproink@gmail.com